Vision and Planning

For Project Church, the Vision and Planning phase was distinctively characterized by its unique and bespoke elements. The client's eclectic tastes, particularly highlighted by features such as a Star Wars-themed room, necessitated a complete overhaul of the existing structure. Collaborating closely with the client, Hawk Property Developments embarked on transforming the property into a modern, current living space equipped for retirement living. A key aspect of this transformation was the integration of a fully upgraded elevator, ensuring accessibility and convenience. This phase of Project Church was a testament to our adaptability and customer-centric approach, skillfully blending the client's unique vision with functional, modern living requirements.


Quality Construction

During the Quality Construction phase of Project Church, Hawk Property Developments spared no expense, ensuring superior craftsmanship and functionality. The project featured high-end plaster moldings, full Wolf appliances, and a completely new staircase, alongside intricate cabinetry and gas fireplaces reflecting the client's unique tastes. A key enhancement was the addition of a separate HVAC system on the fourth floor, particularly for the master ensuite, to ensure optimal climate control. This phase demonstrated our commitment to high-quality, customized renovations, meeting and exceeding intricate design and comfort needs.


Project Management

The Project Management phase of Project Church showcased Hawk Property Developments' adept handling from inception to completion. Working in tandem with the client and designer, we maximized the utility and design of each space. This project featured distinct challenges, including three master-style bedrooms with en-suites and a strategically placed second-floor laundry room with innovative double pocket doors. Managing the nuances of working within a condo corporation, coordinating trades, and handling deliveries highlighted our team's exceptional project management skills, ensuring the project's smooth execution and high-quality outcome.


Continued Support

In this last phase of Project Church, Hawk Property Developments' dedication to exceptional client service was prominently displayed. True to our ethos, we consistently returned to address even minor issues, regardless of their origin, underscoring our commitment to client satisfaction and long-term support. Project Church serves as a flagship example of our approach to post-completion care. Our policy includes a five-year renovation warranty for all jobs, reflecting our promise of quality and reliability well beyond project completion. This phase illustrates not just our adherence to warranty standards, but also our willingness to go above and beyond, ensuring that our clients continue to experience the highest level of service and peace of mind.

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