Vision and Planning

At the outset of the Fleet St addition, we focused on aligning the client’s vision with their budget. By collaborating closely with the homeowners and the architect, we refined the initial plans to include all the desired features within the established financial boundaries, ensuring the client’s wishlist was fully realized without compromise.


Quality Construction

Incorporating ourselves into the design phase allowed us to oversee the project with a keen eye for cost management while achieving the client's wishlist. Our approach to construction is always guided by the principle of 'quality without compromise,' ensuring that every detail, from materials to workmanship, is handled with care and precision.


Project Management

The technical complexities of the Fleet St addition were met with our skillful expertise. We navigated the intricate aspects of the build with ease, maintaining our commitment to meet timelines and deliver a flawlessly extended living space. Our thoroughness in delivery meant the addition was completed to the highest standards, with every technical detail meticulously executed.


Continued Support

Following the completion of the Fleet St project, our dedication to the client’s satisfaction remained steadfast. Our Hawk Property Developments warranty went above and beyond the basic coverage, ensuring any post-completion concerns were addressed promptly and efficiently. The homeowners were assured of our ongoing support, reflecting our commitment to their lasting happiness with the new addition to their home.

"They are always responsive. You feel supported and encouraged that they have answers for all of your questions. Our project was completed on time and relatively close to budget. They also provide warrantees on their work which means they not only stand by what they build, they believe in what they do."
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Lauren Owen-Hicks
Home Owner


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